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Safety Issues

These topics are covered on this page:
Electrical Safety Battery Safety Wind Generator Safety Solar Panel Safety Exercise Equipment Safety

Electrical Safety
While not inherently dangerous to the human body in the same way that household current is, 12 Volts DC can be very dangerous in indirect ways and should always be treated with respect, especially in situations where a large amount of current is available. Low voltage at a high current is capable of welding or vaporizing metal and can do a number on even heavy-duty wire in the event of a short circuit. Here are some guidelines for using the power from a 12-Volt battery or alternative energy system safely.

Storage Battery Safety
The 12 Volt lead-acid storage battery must be treated with respect as it contains more than enough power to cause serious damage to anything conductive connected to its terminals. In addition, the chemical reaction occuring in its cells during the charging process produces flammable hydrogen gas.

Wind Generator Safety
Wind generators are inherently dangerous, if only because of the unpredictable nature of the wind. Serious injury can result directly or indirectly from an unexpected gust.

Solar Panel Safety
While small solar panels do not have a high risk factor, there are some things to keep in mind.

Exercise Equipment Safety
Adding electrical generation capability to a piece of exercise equipment can create some potential hazards, especially when operated by the young. Children will be attracted to these devices because of the novelty of making electricity and the fact that they observe adults using them.

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